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Monthly Archives:
February 2016

Estate Planning: Have you considered your Superannuation?

When considering your estate planning and your entire asset pool, your superannuation may be one of your largest assets to consider. However, your superannuation is not an estate asset unless the trustees of your superannuation fund pay your superannuation death…

Case Update: Employer liability for afterhours work injuries

In this update we examine the recent Industrial Court of Queensland decision of Civeo[1], which involved an argument about whether appliance technician Shane Cumers had an entitlement to workers compensation for injuries he suffered from being assaulted (after work hours)…

Drug and Alcohol testing under the Building Code – the end of the ‘softly softly’ approach

In October 2015 amendments were made to the Building Code 2013 imposing a general duty on all building contractors covered by the Building Code to ensure that the management of drugs and alcohol in the workplace is reflected in their…