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Monthly Archives:
November 2016

New Laws Expand the Protection of Unfair Contract Terms Legislation to Small Business Contracts

The Federal Government has introduced new legislation to enhance the protections afforded to small businesses in relation to contracts entered into or varied on or after 12 November 2016. The changes will expand the already established nullification of unfair contract…

Family law: Can a case be reopened if further relevant evidence is produced while judgment is reserved?

The recent parenting case of Stone & Clifford [2016] FCCA 2045 demonstrates that the Court will, in certain circumstances, exercise its discretion to reopen a case where the parties are awaiting a final judgment and new evidence comes to light….


Licensed contractors carrying out residential construction work may be affected by changes to the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme, which commenced on 28 October 2016. The Scheme is administered by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and provides homeowners with insurance…

But our separation is amicable – why do we need Court Orders?

It’s a reasonable question.  You and your spouse or partner have separated but you worked everything out.  You are going to split everything up and get on with your lives.  Why do you need Court Orders? This is a question…

Employers behaving badly…avoiding employee entitlements

In the current economic climate, it is not unusual for employers to be on the look out for ways of reducing costs. It is also not unusual for employers to look first at their employees with a view to downsizing…