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Monthly Archives:
June 2017

Court Finds That Patisserie Franchisor Can’t Have Its Cake And Eat It Too

The seriousness of representations made by franchisors to potential franchisees where such representations influence the franchisee’s decision to enter into a franchise agreement has been considered in detail in a recent judgement handed down by the Queensland Court of Appeal…

Can I stay in the house after we separate?

Separation is an extremely emotional decision that impacts everyone in the family. The first question most people ask is “Can I stay in the house?” The last thing you want to do is disrupt the children’s home life at this…

Recovery Costs of Chasing Unpaid Levies – What Can a Body Corporate Claim?

It is common for a body corporate to try to pass on to a lot owner the costs of recovering from the lot owner outstanding levies.  But a recent case of the District Court of Queensland has highlighted that bodies…