The professional team at wilson/ryan/grose are here to help with all commercial, industrial or other non-residential property transactions. Our team is led by a Queensland Law Society accredited specialist in Property Law.

Our commercial property workgroup advises clients upon commercial transactions of all sizes and complexities. Our aim is to anticipate problems and potential issues before they arise and address them to protect our clients’ interests. Drafting transaction documents, including special conditions, which advance our clients’ interests so as to realise their commercial endeavours is a hallmark of our work. Our clients include institutional, governmental, large corporate and small/medium enterprise businesses.

  • Sale and purchase of commercial, industrial and other non-residential property
  • Leasing – Commercial, industrial and retail shop leases
  • Hotels / Motels (Liquor / Gaming Requirements)
  • Mortgages and Security Documents – Commercial, industrial and residential properties
  • Personal Property Securities Act (“PPSA”) documents and registrations upon the PPSR