The Insolvency and Restructuring team can offer a high degree of practical commercial and corporate experience. Our solicitors have held positions on boards of both not-for-profit and public listed companies and draw on that experience to provide relevant advice to our clients.

wilson/ryan/grose prides itself on advising clients not only on the risks and steps associated with bankruptcy and insolvency, but also on the commercial outcomes and public perceptions that are intrinsically linked with such a status. As a result, you are always able to make an informed decision before proceeding with action that often results in commercial outcomes far more satisfactory then possible alternatives like protracted and costly court action.

Advising Insolvency Practitioners and identifying commercial opportunities and advising on risks is an area in which we excel.


  • Review and advice on rights and entitlements under Company Constitutions, Shareholder Agreements and Corporations Act legislative provisions
  • Review and advice Corporate Governance Compliance
  • Legal Advice reports for proposed action to be taken by Insolvency Practitioners
  • Commercial and Cost Risk Assessments reports for Insolvency Practitioners
  • Review and advise on legal obligations of principals, directors, managers and office bearers of businesses and companies with cashflow and solvency concerns


  • Setup and Registration of new Companies, including drafting Constitutions and draft minutes of meetings and consent to appointments of directors
  • Transferring Shares, and other property to, from or between Companies and other entities, including drafting the agreements and minutes reflecting the restructure
  • Search, Advise on, Register and Release interests recorded on the Personal Property Securities Register (Charges over assets other than land)


Applications to Court for orders under the Corporations Act, Bankruptcy Act and Competition and Consumer Act, including:

  • Creditors petitions
  • Bankruptcy applications
  • Early discharge from bankruptcy
  • Setting aside statutory demands
  • Approval of Schemes of Arrangement
  • Approval of liquidator/administrator costs