At wilson/ryan/grose we have a team of expert lawyers who specialise in personal injuries services across a broad range of claims including “catastrophic claims”, workers’ compensation, car accidents, public liability claims, medical negligence, death claims and others.

Accessing compensation in a negligence claim can be complicated.  If you have suffered as a result of an accident or injury you may be entitled to compensation.

Our insurance and injury compensation team has a thorough understanding of the relevant legislation and specialise in providing advice with respect to all areas of statutory compensation, as well as common law claims for damages, whether under the state or federal compensation scheme.

To find out if you’re eligible for our no-win, no-fee guarantee, contact our Firm for a free assessment of your claim without delay – critical time limits apply.

  • Catastrophic injury claims
  • Obtaining necessary rehabilitation
  • Resolving claims through mediation, alternative dispute resolution and litigation
  • Public liability claims for injuries suffered on someone else’s property. (E.g. playing sport, at a shopping centre, swimming pool, gym, school, in a boating accident etc.)
  • Medical negligence suffered from poor medical treatment
  • Accessing insurance or compensation for the death of a loved one due to some fault of another person