Our Litigation Team is result driven.  Our focus is on achieving the best outcomes for our clients rather than simple litigious aggression which often proves to be more costly for all the parties involved.

wilson/ryan/grose provides a full range of debt collection, informal commercial negotiation, dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration services which allow us to deliver results in a timely and cost-effective manner. When those avenues are exhausted we have a proven ability to match our most aggressive competitors in the unrelenting pursuit or defence of our clients’ interests through the court and tribunal jurisdictions.

We regularly represent clients locally, nationally and abroad with actions commenced in Queensland in the:

  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
  • Magistrates Court
  • District Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Appeal Court
  • Federal Court
  • Federal Magistrates Court

Our corporate and commercial litigation department is specifically tasked with addressing all disputes arising from areas such as:

  • Actions arising under the Corporations Act including company debt recoveries and liquidations
  • Director and shareholder disputes
  • Partnership disputes and dissolutions
  • Banking and finance disputes
  • Commercial building and construction disputes including contractual disputes and enforcement of legislative rights and entitlements
  • Competition law
  • Information technology
  • Insurance
  • Employment disputes
  • Building tribunal hearings
  • Subcontractors Charges Act disputes
  • Insolvency, administration and receiver appointments and debt recoveries and priority of creditor disputes